Faith of the Pure Ray

Each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create the life you want. The seven avatars of their religions came to their cultures when they were ready to listen and introduced the principles, and the Faith of the Pure Ray unifies them into one spiritual body.

If you place the seven religions into a circle, each addresses one segment of the planning circle, the stages you must go through to create a plan. We can apply the principles that each religions teaches to create the life we want.

Jesus of Nazareth taught the principles of Creativity--creating a plan that benefits everyone.
Moses taught bringing in the people to help you create your project--Productivity.
Gautama Buddha taught how to get the support you need--Prosperity.
The Prophet Muhammad taught how to deal with the glitches of your plan--to make it happen, and issues related to Crisis in the Family, and Equality.
Rama taught the principles of Security.
Confucius taught the principles of how to function from your own Capacity.
Lao Tzu taught the principles of Tolerance and Empowerment.

Each of the seven major religions also play a favorite power game, based on the Seven Deadly Sins, which come from a sense of lack.

Christians, through their lack of respect, play the game of Pride, and wage war.
Jews, through a sense of victimization, play the game of Envy, and trigger genocides.
Buddhists, through a sense of lack, play the game of Greed, which leads to massacres.
Muslims, when they believe they lack their voice, play the game of Anger, which leads to terrorism.
Hindus play the game of Gluttony, which leads to poverty.
Confucianists, when they function outside of their capacity, play the game of Lust, which leads to slavery and disease.
Taoists play the game of famine.

How did the name Faith of the Pure Ray come about? The Flower of Life pattern is based on the Fibonacci Numbers, and there are three levels. There is the overview concept that is the center hexagon, and that is the overview of the entire framework. There are the lines that radiate out from the center point that represent the segments, and then there are the projects that fill between the rays, and they are a combination of both the overview concept and the rays.

The Pure Ray concept is also demonstrated in families with the family's racial purpose, or in the case of world peace, the principles our organization stands on create a framework based on the cooperation of nature, and it segments into technology, business and economics, crisis in the family, conflict resolution, and tolerance and empowerment. There is also a small segment that represents the evolution of the plan. Each of the segments has associated projects, and every aspect must stand on the same principles.

The Light Source Invention

Our organization is working to introduce fifty innovative projects, and one gives insights into the seven major religions, and the principles associated with each and how the principle helps to bring the swinging pendulum back to the straight and narrow. The Light Source Invention is one of three inventions that work together to offer free power. The religions are not marked on this drawing.

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Another source for insights on the seven major religions is our World Peace Marketing Strategy, and the associated projects.