World peace requires the active participation of every person on the planet, and on the individual level, requires each of us to work to create the life we want. How do we do that? Until this time, there have been no schools or institutions that teach the full body of knowledge on how to create the life each of us wants.

The World Peace Movement has started. Every movement divides the people into four segments, and each segment has a different focus. In our curriculum, we must offer classes and projects for each of the four groups.

The first segment to come into the movement are those who stand on the principles. The second segment comes in because they have been financially affected. The third because their lives have been affected, and the fourth function entirely on the individual basis, and generally come in only when squeezed to do so. Once you decide into which segment you fit, then you can go to our organization website and our World Peace Marketing Strategy chart, and follow along with the projects listed there. The gray bar at the top of the page includes the religion that is being addressed.

The Faith of the Pure Ray is designed to help people who have been financially affected by relying on others for their support to assume responsibility for creating the life they want, and teaches the principles necessary to understand to do so. It is first step in the process, and those who stand on the principles and have gone through the first row will then start the second row, too, because they have been affected financially and must learn these same principles.

Eventually, every person on the planet will apply these principles in their own life, sharing their talents and gifts with others based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, the economic foundation of the global renaissance.

We are still establishing the curriculum for the Faith of the Pure Ray university.