The dance between Christianity, and Islam and Hinduism
Christians come up with a plan, but it must address the issues related to Crisis in the Family and  treat all people fairly and equally, and then as it moves through the planning process, it must address security issues.

Opposite sides of the planning circle have much in common. On the opposite side of the circle from Creativity (Red) are the Crisis Resolution (Equality/Crisis in the Family/Glitches) and Conflict Resolution (Security/Conflict Resolution) segments.

Christianity teaches the principles of Creativity, of coming up with a plan. The principles that Jesus of Nazareth taught through the Beatitudes and others lessons enable us to understand whether it is a plan that benefits everyone, or a plot that is in no one's best interest. Red is the color of Creativity. 

When you create a plan that benefits everyone, you start out thinking that everyone will approve of the plan, but it will threaten the security and support of those who rely on the old structure, and they will resist the plan. It won't be until they see the benefits of the plan in their own lives that the resistance will end. 

If your plan does not stands on the principles of fairness and equality, or if it does not address the root cause of the Crisis in the Family, Muslims will stand in protest. This is not the same as the people who depend on you for their security and support. If your plan does not address the principles that Jesus taught in the Beatitudes and his other teachings, moving forward around the planning process won't overcome the resistance. Your plan is in no one's best interest, including yours.