Buddhism teaches the principles of how to get the support you need, and Prosperity.

Opposite sides of the circle address similar issues, and on the opposite side of the circle is Confucianism and Taoism, which address Capacity and Tolerance and Empowerment. To get the support you need, you must enable your adversaries to demonstrate their capacity and be empowered to create their own lives, too.

Gautama Buddha come from a very wealthy and powerful family. When he was young, he was protected from anything that was anything less than the more elite expression of humanity. Then, one day, he saw a woman who was very poor and destitute, and it put him into a moral crisis. He walked out on his life and entered into the real world. He had nothing, and to survive, he had to rely on others for everything. He found a sense of balance in his life by going into the houses of the wealthy and teaching them the same spiritual principles that he lived by. He made a win-win agreement.

Modern day Buddhists believe to get the support you need you---

  1. You do not kill.
  2. You do take something that is not given to you.
  3. You do not resort to sexual misconduct.
  4. You do not lie.
  5. You do not use drugs or alcohol. 
Wesak celebrates the life and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha, but the principles of Buddhism are to be applied every day. To find a sense of balance in your life, you must address having a plan that benefits everyone, and is not a plot based on power games. You must deal with the glitches of your own life, and not place the burdens on others. You must function from your own capacity, and stand on the principles of tolerance and empowerment.