Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Overview of the Seven Major Religions

Religion is a cultural interpretation of Universal Law. The seven major religions come together to create an overview set of spiritual teachings based on Universal Law called, "The Faith of the Pure Ray." Each religion is one segment of a 7-segment circle. The segments are the stages of the Planning Process.

The Planning Process is the steps and stages you must go through to create your life. In fact, everything you do is based on the Planning Process. Consider building a new house. The Plan is the blueprint. Then you find a builder to help you. With those, you can find a lending institution. Then you continue on around the circle. You do everything on the mental level, and then go to make it a reality.

Christianity is based on the Plan, the first stage of the Planning Process.
Judaism brings in the People, with the tribes of Judah.
Buddhism represents the Support
Islam addresses the glitches of the Planning Process
Hinduism is based on security
Confucism addresses the capacity
and Taoism represents the Whole, Tolerance and Empowerment

The Faith of the Pure Ray is not a religion, with a place of worship, so much as a school to teach people how to create their ideal life. We propose that the building be circular and segmented, and each of the religions represented by clerics, working together like ambassadors. They will teach the people who come the principles of their religion. People will progress around the circle, learning the principles of the Plan from the Christians, and then progressing to how to draw in the people in the Judaism segment, and so forth. Some people will stay and be taught the principles, and become teachers, also.

In the middle of the building will be the offices of the proposed international government, which will teach the people the rights granted to them by being a citizen of the international government. They will learn what causes war, massacres and genocides, and how to overcome the effects of the traumas they have experienced.