Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Conflict Resolution

To end conflict, four criteria must be met:
  1. Everyone must be considered equal.
  2. Everyone must see the need to end the conflict.
  3. Everyone must assume responsibility to come up with a plan.
  4. Everyone must work together to bring about the plan.
The unifying factor on the planet is that everyone is attempting to create the life we want. If we look at religion as the solution that allows people to do that, and encourages people to do that, we can unify the planet. Everyone is considered equal. 

The second criteria is that those who seem to have all the power to do that, but their plan is based on power games, must be facing the backlashes of the games, based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, and they come to the understanding that the games don't work. Then they must look for what will work.

It comes to a Moment of Choice, with three options and two are untenable. They must choose the option that benefits everyone, a plan that is in everyone's best interest.

The final criteria is that people start to work to create Faith of the Pure Ray churches that teach the principles of how to create the life you want, but it is based on the creation of the proposed international government that guarantees the rights of the people to do so.