Friday, September 18, 2015

The Point of the Brick Wall

This time of the calendar represents the point of the Brick Wall in the Planning Process.

This is a test called "the end of life crisis."

This is the point where you come to the understanding that you can't get the life you want. You have turned your life over to someone or something that cannot help you get the life you want, and it never had the capacity to help you.

If you have terminal cancer, the doctors can no longer help you. It takes someone who has successfully overcome the same crisis to demonstrate that it is possible to do so.

Everyone has a blueprint in his or her heart for their perfect life, and every choice we make is supposed to help us reach our goal. But, traumatic events come into our life and kick us off course. After a series of events, we are so off course that we are no longer heading toward our goal, and after many traumatic events, we are moving away from our goal.

At the point of the Brick Wall, we are 180 degrees from where we think we are, holding onto what cannot help us and pushing away what can. The games we have relied on no longer work.

To overcome this crisis, we must let go of what is dragging us into the abyss, and take back responsibility for our life.