Monday, October 26, 2015

The Dance Between Light and Darkness

What would Confucius say about the Faith of the Pure Ray, and how the months move forward ahead of us in our journey? The longest journey starts with one step.

This journey is one that mankind is making together, and our destination is world peace.

Once the plan for world peace, based on the creation of the international government, was introduced and opened to debate, then a split occurred between those who see the potential of the plan to enable mankind to evolve and those who rely on the old structure for their security and support. It triggered their fears, and a dance started between Light and Darkness.

If you superimpose the planning circle on top of the Yin-Yang symbol, you see that at the plan introduced Light into the Darkness at the upper right area where Christianity fits, and the principles that Jesus taught relate to coming up with a plan. Before the point where the plan that benefits everyone was introduced, the Darkness continued to grow.

As a planet, we are now bouncing back and forth between Christianity and Islam, and as we progress around the circle, the principles of Hinduism--Asia.

Those who rely on the old structure fell back to their power games. A series of battles are occurring, called The Battles of Armageddon, leading ultimately leading to the separation of old alliances and choices that affect others, like dominoes falling.

Mankind will not demonstrate our capacity to create a global renaissance until we pass through this time of conflict and ending of the old and coming into the new. The Faith of the Pure Ray unifies the religions into one spiritual body of teachings, and then the next concept to address is conflict resolution, which relates to Hinduism.

No one is considered bad. The games that people are playing are bad.