Thursday, March 31, 2016

Our first win-win agreement is with God

Humans have twelve chakras, or energy points. There are seven chakras within the body, and five outside, and each represents our relationships with the other kingdoms.

Imagine our bodies are like a twelve story building, on on each floor of the building live the entities we must work with to create the life we want. To create the life we want, every relationship must be resolved.

God--or whatever name we wish to call them--and the rest of the spiritual hierarchy, live on the twelfth floor. Another name for God is All That Is, our Earth Mother and Universe Mother. We are citizens of the Universe and of the Earth, and subject to Universal Law. The first question that we must address is "are you willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law?"

This is a free-will Universe. The one thing God did not create is our will.

God does not work with anyone who does not stand on the principles of Universal Law.

Nature is based on a sense of cooperation. It is based on making win-win agreements, which build trust and set the stage for future agreements.

Before we are born, we go to God, and make a win-win agreement to fulfill our purpose in life, and God gives us everything we need--on a silver platter--to enable us to do so. God is our most important relationship.