Friday, July 1, 2016

Who is the Pure Ray of the Family?

For the rest of Ramadan, we are looking at having a plan that benefits everyone by solving the crisis in the family. We have passed the midpoint of the year, and as Ramadan comes to an end, we are starting to consider Hinduism, the issues related to security and the battle between Rama and Ravanna over Sita.

The Pure Ray of the Family is the individual who is the overview perspective, who functions in everyone's best interest. That person can be estranged from the family because he or she does no fit into the norm of the family at that level, but is innovative and evolving to a higher level around the planning circle while the rest of the family is holding onto the past.

So, you have may have a situation where the Pure Ray is standing on the principles and offering others the opportunity to function on a higher level, while the rest of the family upholds the member of the family who is jealous of the Pure Ray.

The Pure Ray of the family solves this problem by declaring he or she will go get his life, makes it happen, and then invites the others to come to participate. As the family comes to the understanding that they cannot get their life by holding onto the past, they will watch the Pure Ray as he or she demonstrates that it is possible to get one's life by standing on the principles. The family evolves to the higher level.

When you have a plan that benefits everyone, you see the potential of the plan to enable everyone to function on a higher level, and can't conceive of the possibility that anyone might not see it also. As you go around the planning circle, you meet the boogie men--the Bugi pirates--who try to take it from you, but the resistance ends when everyone is able to get their financial support.