Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Three Steps of Hinduism

We are coming to the end of the Hinduism segment now, and it is time for review before we move on to Confucianism.

On the opposite side of the planning circle are the final half of Christianity and the first half of Judaism, so we are addressing having a plan that benefits everyone, but also dealing with those who would take it from us and who may be playing the game of Pride, which leads to waging war based on the belief that they have the right to put us down. Celebrating Diwali, we started by cleaning our houses to prevent anyone from having any grounds for complaint.

Judaism involves bringing in the people to help us create our plan, but also with those would would judge us as being incompetent, but only because what they see in us is what is inside of them. It is their own issues they are addressing. The Hindu segment of the planning circle addresses security and also conflict resolution.

There are three steps in this segment.

The first step is whether you can take your life or project to a higher level. We stand up and speak about what we are doing, but we haven't reached the point yet where we are demonstrating our capacity.

The second is letting go of the old and coming into the new.

Every third step involves finding a balance between the first two steps.

This is one of the most difficult times of the planning circle, because we are facing our deepest fears. At this point in the process, if you can't find a sense of security and deal with conflict resolution, this is when you face your end of life crisis--which is that you let go of this entire set of circumstances and come into a whole new set of circumstances. You let go of your life.

Not all people will face their end of life crisis as they go around the circle over and over again. Diwali can be just a celebration where the Light comes into our lives. But, each time we go around the circle, we prepare ourselves with the understandings that we need for when the time comes that we are in the same circumstances that Rama and Sita faced.