Friday, November 11, 2016

The end is the beginning

The school year is ending and now we come to the overview concept, the Faith of the Pure Ray. Our focus is on the idea of graduating and leaving school, reviewing the principles, and walking forward to create the life we want.

The traditional holiday time of this year can be a time of loneliness if the family has been torn apart by conflict. That sadness and depression can be healed with the Faith of the Pure Ray. The one thing that everyone wants is to be able to create the life we want, but until this time, there have been no schools or institutions that teach how to do that. As students of the Faith of the Pure Ray reach the point of graduation, we demonstrate it is possible to do so, and that is when we can invite them in to participate with our plan, or maybe become students, also. In our Conflict Resolution brochures, this is called the "1-2-3." You declare you are going to go get the life you want. You do it. Then you invite them in.

The Faith of the Pure Ray is the first project of the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which is designed specifically for people who were financially affected when someone we depend on for our security and support made a choice that affected us adversely, and it triggered our fears. The idea is not to depend on others, but to become self-reliant. We become the watchdogs of that person, to make sure he or she stands on the principles, and teachers to the people whose lives were affected by the same choice.

In a family, if one parent chooses to make a life choice, and to stand on the principles, he or she progresses through the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy. Once he reaches the end of the row, the next step is to progress through the second row, also, which is designed to help the students create a cash flow based on talents and gifts, which is the basis for the global renaissance. No one can function on a higher level by functioning outside his or her capacity.

Family members don't have the capacity to help us get the life each of us wants, but we can still help each other to create the life we want through Faith of the Pure Ray.

This segment of the year, then, focuses on the overview concept, demonstrating it is possible to create the life you want. In January, we can go back through the year again, or apply the principles to create a business or project.  We understand the principles, and can apply them in our own life.