Wednesday, December 27, 2017

We Are Made in God's Image

Many people imagine God to be an Old Man on the Throne, and the Trinity to be Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is a misunderstanding that came about when men started to realize they play a part in the procreation of the species.  You could say it was a power game that was based on a fear that the women would become too powerful, and so the men grabbed for power. The Trinity is Father, Mother and Son.

The Universe always has three levels--the Principles, the Power and the Project.

In our Purifying the US Legal System segment, we are addressing the three levels of the Universe, and its application in our legal system. It is one of our tax exempt purposes to purify the US legal system of laws that create chaos to prevent the chaos from spreading onto the international level. At this time, many people recognize only two levels--constitutional law and federal law--and the laws and practices are creating chaos to the point where our government can justify denying Americans--and people around the world--our unalienable rights granted to us all by our Creator. 

The Father level is Universal Law, and it stands on the principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance. Universal Law is fixed, and it pegs mankind on a very high level. This level grants us our unalienable rights--to be able to create the life we want without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government. When it is left out of the legal system, it denies us our unalienable rights. The Mother level is the power level, and it is not fixed. It is evolutionary, and it can go up, down or straight ahead depending on the choices we make in our lives. In our legal system, it is our Constitution, which creates a government (do marriages create a government?), and it can evolve, devolve or lead to the edge of the abyss depending on power games and abuse of power. Choosing to go up is to stand on the principles. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generation, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage (the Curse of the Generations.) Down is to fall back on power games, which always lead to backlashes because they go against Universal Law. The Son level is the application of the principle and the power, but when the principles are left out and the power is abused, the project creates chaos. 

The Bible says we are made in God's image. The Old Man on the Throne concept has created a lot of chaos. God is male and female--Father and Mother-- and the male aspect of God--I AM That I AM--is Creative, and the female aspect of God--Lady Gaia--is Nurturing. We are all God's Children. 

  • God sees us all as equal, 
  • God grants us our unalienable rights, 
  • God has declared this to be a free-will Universe, which means we are responsible for our choices and actions, and we must undo the damage we have done.
  • God is compassionate, and has sent the prophets to teach us the principles of each of the seven religions. We were not left to figure this out for ourselves. It was there all along, but we didn't see it.
  • God bases abundance on the principles of the cooperation of nature. It is not based on how much money we have. It is a matter of Will.
  • God gives us all our talents and gifts, and so no one is left out of the capacity to create their life.
  • God is tolerant, and does not judge us. God recognizes that we are the "acorn and the oak," and does not punish us or give us anything we cannot handle. 
If you look at the World Peace Marketing Strategy, the second row starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray and the overview concept, and the second row addresses Christianity--coming up with a plan that benefit everyone. During our January two week training program, we must address the two rows of the Marketing Strategy--and the miracles classes.  

Our Conflict Resolution brochures address how to bring your children back into your life following a hostile divorce. You need someone to defend you, but who will you choose? God always gives us three choices--up, down, and straight ahead--the three levels of the Universe. Who will help us get our children back into our life, in terms of marriage partners? Life-partnerships enable us to function on a higher level. Let's say that marrying the high school sweetheart is straight ahead--and will eventually lead to the edge of the abyss. Romantic attachments turn into genocides, so that goes down into the power games of revenge, how we got into the problem in the first place.

(Organization brochures can be found on our website in the Reference Menu section.)

Lifepartnerships are based on the fact that each of us has a vocation and an avocation, and one's vocation is the other's avocation, and they mentor each other. It is a very strong relationship, and it stands on the seven principles. 

Our Tolerance brochure says to create a project, you must create a twelve-pointed star based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Jesus and the other disciples formed a twelve-pointed star.  They had created vocations and avocations, and found their lifepartners, and they came together to create a project that enabled everyone on the planet to function on a higher level. They were prophets of God, so they were connected to the source, and able to perform miracles.

Christianity teaches the principles of creating a plan that benefits everyone. Imagine male and female coming together and the female is nurturing and the male is creative. The male stands on the seven principles and fixes the family on a very high level. The female stands on the principles of Proverbs 31--a woman of noble character. 

The second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for people who must learn to assume responsibility for their own financial support. If we have gone down into the power games, the brochures is where we start to rebuild our life on a higher level. The miracles classes do not demonstrate divinity, but everyone plays the games, and overcoming the games and learning to function on a higher level can be considered a miracle! 

Our organization will eventually teach classes on how to do four miracles.