Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Yesterday, I sent letters to our channels and our miracles workers in preparation for a training session on how to do miracles. Twelve of the people on the list will be working on four miracles. Two will demonstrate and one will become the teacher for each of the miracles. What makes them miracles is not that they are hard to do, but because it is hard for these twelve people to do them. It will take a miracle for these twelve people to even show up.

The four miracles we are addressing in our training session are Manifestation, Instantaneous Manifestation, Time Travel and Walking on Water.

The Faith of the Pure Ray is offering me insights into how the miracles function. It is the overview religion, and we will go deeper into each of the religions by continuing on with the next step in the World Peace Marketing Strategy, World Peace Marketing Strategy which is the Catholic Church in America project.