Thursday, September 20, 2018

Security and Capacity

As we come to this stage in the planning process, we transition from Security to Capacity. This is the point of the Brick Wall, which is characterized by the end of life crisis. If you cannot establish your  security, if you cannot overcome the resistance to your plan to create your life--people die when they believe they cannot get their life. 

Why should this be such a difficult time period? The Light Source Invention gives us a clue. The power games associated with Hinduism lead to poverty, coming from a profound sense of lack, and that leads to un-empowerment and famine because people function outside of their capacity.  

On the opposite side of the circle is life story of Moses and then the transition to Gautama Buddha. 
Can we divide Moses's life into three parts, and then compare it to Gautama Buddha? 

The first part of Moses's life was in the pharaoh's household, then when he learned he was actually born a Hebrew and that his true people were slaves, he set out to free his people. Then, the third part was when he led his people out of bondage and then wandered in the wilderness for forty years.

 During those years, they had to rely on God, the Creator of us all, to provide them with everything they needed. Moses never made it to the promised land, and neither did the other people who were born and raised in a life where the power games were so oppressive. The younger generations who were born while they wandered were able to enter into the promised land. 

Gautama Buddha lived a life of extreme wealth, to the point he was not allowed to experience poverty. When he finally was exposed to it, he walked away from his family, and like Moses, wandered in the wilderness. He, too, lived by manifesting what he needed, and eventually, made win-win agreements for what he needed, sharing his insights with others who had wealth. 

The lesson is that when the power games we experience or play are so oppressive that we have no way to defend ourselves, that is when we die, but the underlying problem is that we are not functioning from our capacity. We don't have to live under circumstances where we are considered slaves. We just have not been able to figure out how to create a cash flow based on our talents and gifts. 

The first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone must function from his or her own talents and gifts. People who work at jobs under bosses that are oppressive or even abusive leave and start their own business. It is a matter of walking away from the oppression and overcoming the fear of being responsible for your own support. 

Confucius taught the principle of Capacity.