Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter and Passover have much in common

When someone introduces an innovative idea, such as Jesus introducing a new concept in religion, it threatens the security and support of the people who rely on the old structure. A series of battles--called the Battles of Armageddon--occur. It starts with a Moment of Choice, when one individual stands on the principles and that choice triggers the fears for security and support in another person, who falls back to power games.

Easter in the Christian church relates to the person who is being crucified--sacrificed--for introducing the innovate idea, and Passover represents the freedom from the battles of Armageddon so mankind can walk forward again.

It is a matter of where true power comes from--from standing on the principles or power games. You have one man--Jesus--facing the power of the Roman Empire and his own people. You have one man--Moses--facing the power of the Egyptian Dynasty, and the question of who his people really were.

The power games come to an end when an innocent person is crucified.--sacrificed. Jesus was crucified, but people are crucified every day, because the battles of Armageddon occur daily, even within families. Moses was "crucified" when he was driven from the family he thought was his own.

When Jesus and Moses walked away, the Romans and Egyptians were faced faced with a dilemma. Their empires started to crumble.

Easter and Passover gives us insights into what is occurring now, and how to deal with todays crises. The battles of Armageddon are raging on a global basis, starting with the crucifixion of Saddam Hussein. The issue that there were no WMD means that he was innocent of the charges against him. He stood on the principles that he was still the leader of Iraq, a sovereign nation, and he stood up to defend his children from the UN sanctions. The preemptive strike was an act of revenge, which brought in five groups of people who seemed to have the same goal, but the revenge was a means to an end.

As the power games come to an end, the backlashes are immediate, and there is a great deal of fear going out amongst the people who rely on the games from security and support.
There are seven games that people play, and the seven curses that Moses prophesied are about to occur across the planet as the games demonstrate that they don't have the capacity to help the person get the life he or she wants.

Everyone plays the games. The games are bad, not the people. Just as Passover freed the Hebrew slaves, understanding how to let go of the power games is the solution, but today, the knowledge base is available to everyone.