Thursday, July 21, 2016

In Sita's defense

In the Hinduism segment, each year we focus on security, but what are we actually defending ourselves from? There are always conflicts based on different goals, and rivalries, and under normal circumstances, a yearly festival is very welcome. This is where most Hindus are for most of their lives. Diwali enables us to understand how to defend ourselves from the jealousies of the people around us.

Having a sense of balance and security in our lives also allows us to be prepared for the most difficult times in our lives. That is when we have a life-plan, and people actively work against us to prevent it from coming about.

The Ramayana is the epic story of Rama's rescue of his wife, Sita, from Ravanna. This is the life event that we prepare ourselves for because our life depends on it.

Each of us goes through life with a blueprint in our hearts for the perfect life, which allows us to fulfill our purpose in life. If we reach the point where we believe we cannot get the life we want, that is when we die.

We are born, and every choice we make in life is meant to get us closer to our goal. Our life-partner, the person who has the same goal, is moving through his or her life, also, and at some point in time we are destined to meet. We can meet someone we are attracted to, but that relationship, if it not based on common goals, is torn apart when it becomes apparent that the goals are different. When it comes time for the two life-partners to meet, their paths start to converge.

There is no need to force someone to go along with one's agenda. The solution is to find the person who is already working on the same life plan, and each take one half of the responsibility. With life-partners, each has a niche based on one's talents and gifts, and one's vocation is the other's avocation, and they mentor each other.

In the prosperous families of the past, before the traditional roles between male and female were flip-flopped, the woman was the breadwinner and the man sat at the gates and defended the family and the family business.  If the man wandered and was unfaithful, he did not destroy the family and it support.  It was just a matter of different goals.

The right man is the man who would defend the family and dynasty. But, the question here is, who will defend her? If the woman is wealthy--the perfect woman--who is her lifepartner?

Who will stand up to defend Sita?

On the opposing side of the circle, there is a plan, and the power game of Pride and waging war. There is the character defamation associated with the power games Envy and of judgment and genocide. Ravanna is preventing Rama from being able to move forward in his life together with his lifepartner because of a sense of jealousy.

It takes male and female working together to create a plan. This the basis of the yin-yang symbol, which is based on the planning process. When you create a plan, you go through the planning process, but at some point in time, you meet your lifepartner, who assumes responsibility for the other half of the planning process.

The man is the potential, and pegs the family on a certain level, and the woman is the drive. The woman assumes responsibility for the right side, which involves planning, bringing in the people, and the support level, which is the business side. The man is responsible for security--which is to help her overcome her fears that will tear apart their business,--capacity and tolerance and empowerment issues. He sits at the gates, directs potential customers toward the business, and defends the family during times of conflict--within the city and from outside forces.

The man who stands up to defend Sita may be Rama or it may be Ravanna, but the man Sita chooses will be the man who is willing to assume responsibility for his side of the planning process. Ravanna brought together a House of Cards against Rama and Sita. He  was no different than any other suitor. He was no different from any other outside force that was attempting to take over the business or the city. He will not stay if his purpose in life is not based on creating that plan.