Monday, July 25, 2016

Hinduism and conflict resolution... and technology

The Ramayana is the story of the abduction of Rama's wife, Sita, and how he rescues her from Ravanna. 

Imagine what was going on in Ravanna's mind when it became apparent that Rama had found his life-partner, and Ravanna was not yet ready to find his own. Ravanna was surrounded by demons, and every time he went down at a Moment of Choice in his life, he collected a demon, so he was someone who was very adept at playing power games of revenge. He probably played all the games, and so his life was always filled with mayhem as he bullied and terrorized others. For him, karma was always a punishment rather than a tool to enable him to get his life, and he made his own life worse with every choice he made.

Demons are elemental spirits. They are manifested in our lives as times in our life where we must face our fears. If we choose to go down into the power games at any time, we collect a demon. 

His battle with Ravanna placed a terrible burden on Rama. Ravanna was attempting to break apart his relationship with Sita. Even if Sita was the perfect woman for him, this conflict set the stage for Rama to judge Sita for getting him into the crisis where he had to fight Ravanna and all his demons. Imagine that this same crisis occurs during the teenage years, when one brother has a girlfriend, and the other brother doesn't and he is jealous and teases him, and tries to make the girl look unsuitable. They are brothers, and they must address the conflict within their family before each can move forward and create his or her own family. 

Ravanna seemed to have a huge amount of power, but power does not come from brutality. Power comes from assuming responsibility for undoing the damage we have done. 

Our remarkable conflict resolution brochures help to overcome this scenario when we face it in our own lives. They are like the proverbial light at the end of a long, dark tunnel when you have been dealing with conflict. 

The application of the conflict resolution brochures is is our Free Power Source invention, which is based on life-partnership relationships. In "Unraveling the Conflict in your life," to get your children back, for example, you ask someone to be your advocate, such as your life-partner. Everyone has a vocation and an avocation, for example, and with life-partners, one's vocation is the other's avocation. This a a strong and lasting form of relationship. You make a win-win agreement to help each other get your children back after your marriage has been torn apart. 

The cooperation of nature is based on making win-win agreements. You gain power by assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done. We make win-win agreements with all your relationships--144 win-win agreements in all. Each time we make a win-win agreement, a burst of energy is given off to propel us forward.  

Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements. 

The invention has twelve levels. The human body has twelve chakras, or energy points, too. Seven are inside the body, and five are outside, and they relate to the kingdoms. The invention is like a twelve story building, and each floor of the building represents types of relationships. On the highest floor reside Lady Gaia and I AM That I AM, the male and female aspects of God, the Creator of us all. They are our most important relationship, which is based on soul agreements to fulfill our purpose in life and to do that we must stand on the principles of Universal Law. We make a win-win agreement with God when we fulfill our purpose in life. 

The central staircase represents our lifepartnership relationships--there are actually more than one. They help us to transition from the central staircase to the floors. On the lowest floor reside our family members. When we find the one person who is our family lifepartner, that person becomes our advocate and that allows us to bring in our other family members. 

If Sita chose to stay with Ravanna, she would have alienated her family. By choosing Rama, she drew them in, just as it says in the conflict resolution brochures.