Saturday, July 30, 2016

People who start religions are kind of sneaky

"Roles and Goals"
by I AM That I AM and Karen Holmes
I am sure that there will be a huge uproar about the title for this post, but I am paraphrasing God on this one, so if you don't like it you can complain to Him.

In "Roles and Goal," I AM That I AM, the male aspect of God, talks about how the religions bring in the people by equating ideas. For example, early Christians met in people's houses or down in the catacombs in Rome, and there was no need to build huge cathedrals, but to bring in the people and to compete with Islam, they started to build big churches.

I have had people from various religions protest that I don't understand the principles of their religions, and that their holidays are not what I say they are, but maybe it is that they don't understand the principles of their religions, and just have followed along with the equated ideas that were told to bring them into their religion.

I AM That I AM explains that equated ideas are what get people into trouble, and that to get out of trouble you must unravel the illusion. "Roles and Goals" is one of the Crisis Packet booklets, written for people who are facing their end of life crisis.

Let's jump to the wider perspective and consider that I AM That I AM would like to see everyone rise out of his or her crisis, and go on to create the life they want, which is to fulfill their purpose in life.

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