Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bringing in the People

There is a high wall between security issues and capacity. It is a brick wall, and it symbolizes the end of life crisis. If you cannot overcome issues related to security, you face your own death. After the battle with your enemies is over, you must draw together those who have survived and attempt to overcome the effects of the conflict.

The point of the Brick Wall is similar to being lost. You are headed 180 degrees from where you think you are, and suddenly realize that what you are doing isn't working. At that time, you need someone to help you get turned around and back on course, and the only person who can do that is someone who has successfully overcome the same crisis in their life.

All this talk of conflict and being lost sounds very dire for the vast majority of mankind at any one time, but there are battles raging all over the planet, and the plan for world peace must bring them in, too.

What has caused this conflict in the first place is that people on both sides are functioning outside of their capacity, and that has led to the fear that it is impossible to be able to create each wants. Being able to create your life was always there, but you just didn't see it.

On the opposite side of the circle from Confucianism, which is about Capacity, is first Judaism and then Buddhism. Those who oppose you are playing the game of genocide and character defamation and then massacres based on the game of greed. They lack abundance because they are functioning outside of their capacity, and as you demonstrate it is possible for you to get your life by functioning within your capacity, that allows them to see it is possible to do it, too. When your adversaries and enemies reach this point, the conflicts are ending.

This morning I had a conversation with my enemies. I brought up the idea of totems, that we all function as insects. They want to be elite business executives, but they function as spiders, waiting for someone who come along, trapping them and injecting untruths into the minds of their victims, or locusts that normally function alone but during times of lack, they gather into a hoard and devour and destroy everything in their path. They are obviously not functioning as bees that are focused on making honey.

When are people ready to come in to help you with your project? People must be squeezed to come in. They are one step behind you and watching to see how you can make it through the same crisis they are facing in their own lives. You demonstrate to them how to get your life.

To get your life on a higher level, you must function on a higher level. At this time, most of mankind is facing a severe spiritual test, and so no one is really functioning on a higher level or even within his or her capacity. Under these circumstances, the solution is to read the channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis--the books and booklets from On The Rainbow Peace Store.http://www.ontherainbowpeacestore.com