Thursday, October 19, 2017

Know Your Enemy

On the opposite side of the planning circle, as we address the principles of Taoism and tolerance and empowerment, our enemies and adversaries are playing the games of Greed and then Anger.

With acts of revenge, if you can take what belongs to someone else, you can own that person, and the principle that counters that is tolerance. Have you had any experiences that are similar to what they are doing so you can empathize with them?

Speaking from personal experience, I understood how making one comment can tear apart your life, and this is something my fiercest adversary and I have in common.

What do our guides say?

In Queen Victoria's book, "Transformation to a New You," she says that same thing, that one comment can destroy your life, and in "Who Do You Trust?" by Lady Gaia, she differentiates between the devil and demons, and says the devil is someone who is dragging you backwards in your progress.  In "A Little Angel Told Me," Archangel Michael says the end of life crisis is like playing poker with the devil, and you only have a pair of sevens... but the devil doesn't even have that."

When you create a plan, the conflict ends when your adversaries reach this point, where they are in the support level. You are demonstrating that it is possible to get the life you want--based on sharing your talents and gifts, and so if you can do it, so can they.