Sunday, January 7, 2018

Become the Magician

Image result for Tarot card the magicianOne of the misunderstandings about Christianity is the idea of Taking on the Sins of the World. Many Christians believe Jesus of Nazareth took on the sins of the world, and therefore, somehow the benefits of that extend to each Christian, and that is so, but also not so. Taking on the Sins of the World is a tool of Creativity, and it frees us from "thorns" that keep us stuck. Jesus wielded the tool, and it freed us all, but we must all also Take on the Sins of the World to create the life we want. Jesus freed himself from the "thorns," and by doing that, he demonstrated one of the tools of Creativity.

Christians don't believe in Tarot cards, but they can be considered the first Bible. Tarot cards are used for divination--foretelling the future, and that is something we should not rely on, because it un-empowers us. It is like magic to be able to shuffle a deck of cards and lay them into a particular pattern on a table, and they show you the answer to your question. The focus should not be on divination, but on the Major Arcana cards, which depict the 22 steps of the planning process, and the first three cards--The Fool, the Magician, and the High Priestess--address Christianity.

When you walk forward, you first take a step with your left foot and then your right foot. The Fool is the first step, and the Magician is the right step, and then you find a sense of balance between the two, which is the High Priestess.

Speaking from my own experience, when the spiritual hierarchy gave me the plan for the international government, I imagined everyone would see the potential of the plan as I did, and would let go of everything they held dear and join the World Peace Movement. I couldn't imagine that anyone would fight to the death to prevent it from coming about. I was the Fool, and I took my first step, and it was off the edge of the abyss, and I had to figure out how to climb out of it. It was a long journey up through a long, dark tunnel, until I came out into the light again. Another person was ahead of me, and others were behind me, watching to see how I did it, and following me out of it into the light. It became a line of people, all trying to reach the light, and at the end of the line are the people who are trying to drag everyone backwards in our progress.

The darkness is fears and belief structures, and facing the obstacles that appear on the path. Jesus healed the blind and the lame, and even overcome death. How did he do it? In the Bible, people lived over 800 years. How did they do it? Was it magic?

The books I channeled from the spiritual hierarchy include "The Outline Series of Creativity," by Seth and also Archangel Michael, and one of the segments addresses the tools you must wield as the Magician. I chose this version of the Magician today because of the tools he has before him. One of the tools we wield to create the life we want is Taking on the Sins of the World.

When one person creates a project that benefits everyone, mankind moves forward in our evolution. In the Alpha and the Omega--the moving away from God and the coming back to God--we are drawing closer to our Creator. We share the same Creative Substance. We create by intent rather than by default.

In the Faith of the Pure Ray schools, students will learn how to wield the tools of Creativity. You can read the Outline Series on Creativity and apply what you read there in your own life to help free you from the "thorns" that keep you stuck. It is the responsibility of the Pope to Take on the Sins of the World, and Jesus can be considered a pope, but it also us to each of us to free ourselves in such a way that it benefits mankind, also.

I channeled a long list of books and booklets that address the principles of Creativity and the application of the principles, and even the planning steps and stages, and they can be found at They do a much better job of explaining these teachings than I do. The catalog is based on the planning process and it is a remarkable resource in itself.