Thursday, January 18, 2018

Finding the Balance Between Plan and Tools

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The High Priestess
The twelve days of Christmas are over, and now it is time to take the Plan and the Tools and to find a sense of balance.

The Plan solves a Crisis in the Family, but there are those who rely on the existing structure for their security and support, and the dance has started. A sense of duality has been established between the allegorical forces of Light and Darkness. We have the tools of Creativity--such as the principles that Jesus of Nazareth taught in the Beatitudes, and we know we can get the life we want.

This is now a time of introspection. It is coming to the understanding that we are where we want to be in life.

The plan for world peace is like a seed being planted, and as it grows, it allows other plants around it to grow.

For the rest of the month of January, I will continue to work on my plan, and I hope you will, too.

Everything starts first on the spiritual level, then progresses to the mental level, and then to the physical level. Before each of us was born, we created our projects on the spiritual level, which allows us to fulfill our purposes in life, and makes our plan possible to create. We have a soul agreement with our Creator that certain events will occur in our life, that we will meet certain people, and that we will have everything we need to create our plan.

If we are working to create the life we want, and we have a plan that allows us to fulfill our purpose in life, that is when we find our sense of balance in our life.

The next step is to bring in the people you need to help you create your life. They want to know how you are able to do it because they want to do it, too. As you progress through the planning process, you draw behind you the people you need.

In the Battle of Light and Darkness, Light is a creative substance that when you put a thought-form into it, it creates matter. The Darkness is based on fear, and the three major fears are fear of loss, death and failure. They lead to compensatory power games. When you create a plan that benefits everyone, and stands on the principles of Creativity, you are standing in the Light. At the end of the line that stretches out behind you are those who want to steal your plan from you--those who personify the Darkness. The balance between Light and Darkness ends when you find the balance between the two. You step out of the battle of the duality, because you understand no one can take your life away from you.

Imagine that your soul group is made up of everyone you need to help you get the life you want. They have arrived in your life at just the right time. What you have to create your project has been given to you on a Silver Platter from our Creator. You are where you want to be. You cannot be bribed, and you are unbeatable. That is where the High Priestess rests. She sits on fertile ground even when the lands behind her are desolate.