Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tolerance involves working with others

The month of November has started, and students of the Faith of the Pure Ray are moving into the Tolerance and Empowerment segment of the church calendar as taught by Lao Tzu. On the opposite side of the planning circle is the Support segment and Prosperity, and the lesson is that no one can create his or her life alone. It takes everyone working together to create the life you want.

The symbol for Tolerance is a 12 pointed star.

If twelve people are standing in a round room, and they have a common goal to create a project, their project is completely surrounded by Light. On the opposite side of the circle is someone who shares the same goal, and is willing to help to bring it about. Each is doing his or her share of the work. As the month progresses, their focus shifts to the Crisis in the Family segment of Islam, and solving a problem.

Our Tolerance brochure can be found at In the reference menu section of our website.