Monday, September 30, 2019

Reunifying Ireland and Northern Ireland

Map of Ireland
Tweet to Pope Francis:

"If the Faith of the Pure Ray can unify the world's seven major religions, Ireland and Northern Ireland can be unified. Ireland can be unified by unifying Christianity. If it can unify Ireland, can it unify the Church?"

There is one month to go until the Brexit deadline. What is the solution? There is only one option that allows everyone to function of a higher level--the proposed international government. It allows the four nations of the United Kingdom to separate along cultural lines rather than borders that have been drawn around wars, and for each to find a niche based on its natural resources. Our first government proposal return England to its ancient historical niche.

Ireland was divided by religious wars, and different interpretations in the religions have torn apart religions. The wars are oppressive to many people so they eventually walk away from their country, their politics and their religions. The one unifying force that draws in every person on the planet is being able to create the life each wants. People generally prefer to live among people of their same culture.

Ireland is a Catholic nation, and Northern Ireland is a Protestant nation. By taking the paradigm shift to the teachings of the Faith of the Pure Ray, the entire island becomes one again an Irish nation, with anyone who wishes to learn how to create the life they want becoming students of the Faith of the Pure Ray.