Saturday, December 7, 2019

Creating by Intent or Default

There are two kinds of light, as I said previously, and both exist simultaneously. The sun continues to shine even on the cloudiest days, and the spiritual Light continues to shine during the darkest times in our life. We are creative beings, just as our Creators are, and we continue to create by intent or by default.

What we believe places us along a continuum of frequency, and our fears determine which direction we go from that point. If we believe we don't have a home, our fears will eventually create the circumstances where we are homeless. If we believe that smoking leads to cancer, and we continue to smoke, that sets the stage for cancer.

We must be very careful about what we believe. What you believe is what is.

If we don't like where we are, we must work to change it. We take back control of our life.

This is where are are now in the church calendar--and also in mankind's evolution. We have come to the end of the cycles and the new cycles are starting and we are deciding what we no longer wish to experience.

We can now start to create by intent.