Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Light is Coming. Use it Wisely.

Light  is a substance that when you put a thought form into it, it creates matter.

It is now December, and later this month in the northern hemisphere the winter solstice will occur. The days begin to get longer again. As the days reach their shortest, I feel my greatest sympathy for my ancestors who lived without electricity.

There is also a kind of Darkness that is not affected by light from the Sun. Light from the Sun is spelled with a small "L." It wipes away the darkness and the shadows. Light, spelled with a capital "L," is spiritual Light, and it overcomes the Darkness of fear. Technology doesn't give us the advantage over our ancestors. 

Several religions celebrate the birthdays of their spiritual teachers with candles to symbolize the return of Light. It really doesn't matter where the Sun is at the time. This is when the Light returns, when the thought-forms are put into the Light and matter is created. The Christian season of Advent--meaning the Coming of the Light-- oftentimes purple or violet candles are used, and then with the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the color changes to red, the color of Creativity. 

December is the time to prepare and to think. How can the principles that Lao Tzu taught--Tolerance--be applied in your own life?  What principles did Jesus of Nazareth teach? What do you wish to create? What is your plan?

The sun is always shining, and there is always light in the world. There is always Light in the world, but when we are afraid, we don't see it. The principles and the application of the principles allow us to overcome our fears.